Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tori and I just finished watching "Rollerball" the one from the 2002. It was very interesting and very much unlike the first Rollerball from the 1970s. In fact, I think that most movies that have been remade lately have been completely unlike the originals-- they have either been comedies or completely different. I think that I prefer the first rollerball because the undertones of that movie were really, really interesting.

Tori and I also went to the store tonight. Our Safeway is looking a lot nicer than it did before. They are redoing the Safeway so that it is updated to match all of the other Safeways. I will be glad when they finish the remodeling though because they keep on rearranging the store so it makes it very hard to find anything since it is always changing. Luckily tonight we were able to find everything that we needed to get! I was very excited. We do need to back in a few days though, because we want to get a turkey since they are like $5 right now. That is a good deal, but today, we did not have any more room in our arms to carry it home. That is going to have to be a special trip.


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