Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kmart Lay Away

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When I was younger, my mother used the Kmart Lay-Away program all the time and it really, really helped us. She used to use it a lot when she was going to buy big items—like we got a really nice dining room set there and a nice TV cabinet. She also used to use it when she was buying us back to school items. It really helped to be able to pay over time rather than to have to pay all at once. Now, I would love to use the lay-away program to buy furniture. This would be perfect for me because I could pay over time and I wouldn’t be stuck with a lot of furniture here- I could plan it perfectly so that I was finished paying it by the time that I move into my new apartment. Also, it would be great to use lay away for Christmas presents, because then you wouldn’t have to pay a huge bill at once, just in small amounts until you were done. If I were going to put something on lay away right now, then I think that I would probably put this couch on lay away. What do you guys think? What would you put on lay away?



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