Sunday, November 23, 2008

So, I'm watching Christmas movies on ABC Family right now and I think that it is pretty funny that they are playing them as a countdown until 25 days of Christmas- which then I am pretty sure that they will be doing something else Christmasy for the channel. The media must really want us to be getting in the mood for Christmas! Which, I think must be true because I am talking about the impending winter Holidays a lot on my blog. I'm sure that I would be more excited for all of the Holidays coming up- Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza, if it was already passed Thanksgiving and if I had already finished finals. But, since neither of those things have happened yet, it is very hard for me to get too excited because it still seems so far away because of the insane amount of homework that I have to get done before then. Then again, every time that I take a peek at the calendar, I realize that it isn't really that far off and I get excited all over again! Even though I ought to be containing my excitement for a little bit longer, I can't seem to help it although the fact that I have finish school before then is doing its best to keep inside me!


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