Sunday, November 23, 2008

All About Layaway!

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Maybe you have been thinking about using Kmart Layaway for the Holidays but you are uncertain how the process works and don’t want to get yourself into anything you don’t really know about, if you fall into this category, then I don’t blame. Luckily for you though, the layaway process really isn’t that complicated and I shall explain it to you, in four simple steps!

Step 1- Select Your Items-
This step is very easy and straightforward, this pick out what you want. However, you should know that there are a few items that you cannot put on layaway such as beer, wine, cigarettes, flammable products and fuels, food or other perishable items, live plants, horticulture, oil or chemical based products, chemicals, gas additives, magazines, paint thinner, prescription drugs, pool chemicals, cellular phones, beepers, and computers. Yet, for most of those, I highly doubt you wanted to give those as a gift anyway—or it is not something you couldn’t buy straight out.

Step 2- Bring your purchases to the Layaway Counter and Make your Down Payment
—Again, this is also a very simple step. For most States, your down payment is either going to be $15 (the $5 service fee and $10 cancellation fee) or 10% of the merchandise total. You’ll also need to pay a service fee of $5 for all new layaway contracts. However, if you live in Maryland, the rules are a little different. The service fee is $1 if your items are less than $500 or $5 if your items are more than that.

Step 3- Make Your Payments Every Two Weeks- Your biweekly payment is going to be 25% of your original balance. You can mail in your payment if you pay by check. If not, then you need to go into the store. There, you can either pay by check, cash, credit card, gift card or some combination of the two. If your payment 7 days late, then your merchandise will be returned back to stock. (Unless in Maryland, then it will be returned 15 days later).

Step 4- Take home and enjoy your items after you’ve completed your 8th payment—Now, this is probably the most fun step! However, if you still want to use layaway for the holidays this year, you should know that they aren’t going to be accepting any new contracts after December 12th or before January 2nd of next year!

And that dear readers, is the 8 week layaway process, so now that you know all about it, why not check it out?



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