Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Suit


I don’t really wear suits but I have been shopping with my brothers and my cousin quite a few times when they were trying to find suits for church. That was always a fun experience! Tim, being rather tall, always had a hard time finding a suit that had pant legs long enough. David, being quite not so tall but mostly the same size as Tim, had a hard time finding pant legs that weren’t quite so long. Josh basically had the same problem as David. Of course, Tim also had the problem, as still does, of finding a suit jacket that was big enough in the arms. Ah, those boys. What they really could have used was a custom suit from My Suit- whose suits are made to measure! My Suit offers custom made suits for about as much as suits that you would find in the store!! Buying a custom suit from My Suit couldn’t be easier because they have a very neat website feature where you can an online appointment to go in and have yourself measured. My Suit also works very quickly, so you will be wearing your new custom-made suit in about two weeks! If you could use a new suit or know of a man who could benefit from this service, then I encourage you to check out the link!



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