Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tori and I did not watch another movie like I thought that we would. Instead, we just talked and talked. It was quite nice actually. We talked for about three hours, I think, which was good because we had a lot of stuff that we needed to talk about. Part of what we were talking about was what we are going to do for Thanksgiving. We have had four very different invitations, but I think that we are going to have to decline them all and just say here. It is really so expensive to go home, so that is pretty much out. The one of the other invites was to go to North Carolina and as much fun as that would be, that is awfully far and more expensive than going home would be, so that is also out of the question. The other one is to go about two hours from here and visit our Grandpa-- that would be fun, but he really doesn't have enough room for both of us to stay with him, so that would not work out very well. We are thinking though, that we will just ask our Grandpa to come up here and we can cook him something for Thanksgiving dinner. Although, I am not sure if he will want to do that or not. We shall when I call him tomorrow if he is up for that or not. If he does want to come though, we'll have to find a comfy place for him to sit since I haven't really got any nice chairs. My roommate has a plethora of chairs, but I am not sure that any of them would work. I honestly hope that we can get something together though because it would be really nice to see our Grandpa. We haven't seen him since May, which really wasn't that long ago, but it is always nice to have family around on Thanksgiving-- all the family that you can get that is!


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