Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Light Savings TIme!

I just wanted to remind everyone to put back their clocks! Daylight savings time has started once again. We lose an hour this time, so don't get confused and set it ahead. You'll be off by two hours, and I am sure that you'll get super confused. Daylight savings time always confuses me anyway. I love how tonight I get to repeat 1 am. Once wasn't enough, so I get to do it again. Weird! Actually, I was just thinking that it would be really weird if someone was born on daylight savings time at like 1:37 in the morning, before the clock switched over, and then died at 1:17 in the morning after the clock switched over. Then they would have been dead before they were alive. How confusing would that be? Okay, it is late and I am not making very much sense, I fear. Anyway, don't forget to change your clocks and I hope everyone enjoys gaining the extra hour! Of course, that does mean that the sun will set sooner, but you have to take the loss with the gain!


Ode to Adrienne said...

It confuses me as well so I just make sure I adjust my clocks and refer to it everytime :)

I already blogrolled you, Courtney. Happy Sunday! :)

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