Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ideas for Gifting This Season!

It is only two short weeks until Thanksgiving, and not very long afterwards and it will Christmas! Now is definitely the time to at least start thinking, even if not buying, about what presents you plan on giving to everyone. With economy still quite shaky, I can understand hesitance to buy products, especially expensive ones, if they are going to go out of style soon or not last very long. Why not, this holiday season, give a gift that is full of meaning and has potential life saving qualities? I’m talking about giving the women in your life a gift card to one of Cryo-Cell stem cell preservation services. You could give an expectant couple a gift certificate to U-Cord, which is Cryo-Cell’s stem cell cord blood preservation service. Cord blood stem cells have shown applications in treating over 75 different diseases! Or perhaps if you don’t know any expectant couples, you could give the gift of C’elle, which is Cryo-Cell’s stem cell menstrual blood preservation service. These stem cells also have potential for treating a number of diseases. Cryo-Cell also offers a joint program called Protect Baby, Protect Mom, which combines the two programs into one. If any of these sound like a good gift idea to you then please check out Cryo-Cell’s Gifting Page to learn more.


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