Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tori and I just finished watching "Cranford" and I think that it is safe to say that she enjoyed it as much as I did. I just love that story because there is such a good feeling about it. Bad things do happen in the storyline, but it seems that Cranford has such an enduring spirit that it always wins out in my heart. Of course, I am a sucker for any BBC miniseries, but I did seem to enjoy this one more than some of the others that I have seen. I am very excited that they are making a follow-up to Cranford that is going to air around Christmastime 2009. The only sad part about that is that I will have to wait until next year to see what else happens. Tori really wants Mary to get with someone, specifically Dr. Marshland, but I told her that we will have to wait and see what the writers have in store. Next, we are going to rent "He Knew He Was Right", which is a Trollope work. I am fond of Trollope, but that story is bound to be more intriguing and less, I don't know how to describe it, wholesome, I guess, than Gaskell! Anyway, I am looking forward to watching it again because it is a very intersting commentary if nothing else!


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