Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, right after my last post about there being a nip in the air, I went outside so that I could go to my next class and the nip was absolutely gone! The day was just super nice with a delightful breeze in the air. I brought a jacket to school, but I didn't need it at all, even with the breeze, because it was so warm. It wasn't hot though, which I was glad for, it was just the prefect temperature.

School however, wasn't as nice as I wanted it to be. It was just a long, long day with lots of things to turn in and more things that I need to be turned in. At least though, the day is done and I don't need to relive it. There are only two more in class days that I have to go before it is Thanksgiving break! Then, there is no school for 11 days!! That will be very nice, but unfortunately, I have oodles of studying and other work that I need to do because when we come back, we only have two short weeks before it is finals!!! Yikes!! This semester certainly sped by, but it will nice to have a break and time to breathe again!


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