Monday, November 10, 2008

I am in such a random mood today and so full of engery. It was funny earlier, I got back from a walk with my roommate and I still had plenty of energy so I decided to go on a bike ride. It was pretty funny, I just rode up and down the street, laughing to myself because I was so happy. Now, I think all of that is finally hitting me, because I don't have oodles of energy anymore, but I am not really tired either. I'm just waiting for dinner to be done, but I am sure that once I eat again and digest it, then I'll be ready to go some more. It is a good thing though, because I really need to study for a test that I have to take this week and I have not study much for it at all. I am lucky though because not much is going to be on the test, but since it is about specific things, it is not likely that I could just wing it. Which, I would not want to do anyway because the test is kind of worth a lot, so I need to do well on it! I hope that everyone had a nice Monday!


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