Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello Gorgeous Nail Polish

I have always been a nail polish type of girl, but before I moved here, I got rid of all my nail polish because I didn’t have enough room to bring them all with me. Since then, I’ve always meant to buy more, but the trouble is, I am not a fan of the nail polish that I have come across locally. However, I was browsing the Internet today for various sources of pretty nail polish and I think that I finally found a good source for it!

The store at Hello Gorgeous has so many brands of nail polish and so many pretty colors! For example, they have Zoya, one of my favorite brands, Essie, Nail Tek Color, Duri, Jessica, Creative Nail, O.P.I, Lippman Collection, and many more! If I let myself, I know that I could lose myself looking at the multitude of nail polish at this website. The store at Hello Gorgeous also has really good prices for their nail polish, so if you know someone like me who loves nail polish or if you love nail polish, then please check out this website. Trust me, nail polish would make a great stocking stuffer! If you don’t like nail polish, don’t worry Hello Gorgeous offers other items such as nail care, skin care, hair care, etc! Take a quick peek!


Zen Ventures said...

you are so girly girl! :) I would be s lucky if I can have my nails long enough to get a real nice nail polish! ack! Anyway, visiting here via EC drop- come visit and say hello sometimes:)

kendy said...

To my extend Gel Nails is the new trend in manicure and lots off teens are using gel nails instead of acrylic nails. There are different kindsof gel nails as UV Gel nail, UV Neon Gel nail, UV One Phase Nail Gel, UV Pearly Nail Gel and many.

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