Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Four Things I'd like to do but haven't yet!

Four things I’d like to do but haven’t yet-

1.Go on a Rowboat—I have been in a few types of boats in my life but never on a rowboat. Ever since I read “Anne of Green Gables” and saw the miniseries, I have always, always wanted to go on a rowboat. There is something so old fashioned about it.

2.Go on a Train- Riding on a train also seems so old-fashioned to me and I have always wanted to go on, especially the old type trains. It reminds me so much of every story I loved growing up, like “Little House on the Prairie” etc.

3.Go Back in Time/Err.. I mean Work at a Living History Museum- Since time-travel isn’t possible, at least that I know of, so the closest way for me to go back in time is to work at a Living History Museum. I think that it would be delightful to pretend for a time to be back in another time.

4.Go on a Horse and Buggy Ride- Now, I’ve ridden a horse and I’ve been on a hayride, but I’ve never rode in a horse and buggy. That I also think would be delightful.


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