Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dear readers, I’m sure that each of you has heard of an auction site or a classifieds site but how many of you have heard of a free auction/classifieds site or a free site that actually pays YOU to list with them? Not many, I’m sure! I hadn’t heard of such a site either until today when I read about Listasaurus! Listasaurus is this amazing auction and classifieds site that allows you to list nearly anything for sell. Listasaurus even has this cool new feature utilizing video that allows you to have video auctions and video classifieds. Basically, this feature lets you put a video into your auction, which has a lot of potential to help you sell your item. For example, perhaps you have this great vacuum that you want to sell, you could take a video of it, showing how it works, etc and place that into your ad. Or if you are selling a piece of property, you could give a video tour! There are so many possibilities with this site! Listasaurus also has a business directory that allows you find business near you or anywhere! Definitely quite a handy tool to have if you can’t find what you are looking for in the auctions or classifieds! I suggest book-marking this site for later exploration!


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