Thursday, October 30, 2008

John Lewis

In my lovely apartment, my room—along with the rest of the place, is completely furnished. Hopefully though, if I can manage it, I will be living some place else this summer. Unfortunately, although it will be better in some respects, I’m pretty sure that it won’t come furnished. As I was browsing the internet tonight for bedroom furniture, I came across this website review for John Lewis Bedrooms. John Lewis is a United Kingdom retailer and they have a huge selection of bedroom furniture. Half of what I was reading about, I couldn’t really use, but I could imagine lots of lots of people that I know that could use it. For instance, John Lewis has cabin bunk beds for children that come with loads of storage space. Which I absolutely love because you can fit a lot of things into a bed with storage and since they are bunk beds, they won’t take up very much room at all. I think that anyone with more children than bedrooms can appreciate beds like that! John Lewis also offers such items as wardrobes, tables, chests, and stools besides beds. I am definitely going to be keeping this website in mind when it comes time for me to buy my own bedroom furniture. If you are in the market, check it out.


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