Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top Entrecard Droppers for the Month

I finally dropped on 300 blogs today! I have never done that before, so it was pretty cool to get it done. I have always wanted to do that but I usually got board well before I got to 300, well, to be truthful, well before I got to 200! Anyway, I thought I would post my top 10 entrecard droppers for the month. I would like to thank all of you!

1.Simply Shiny Artisan Handmade Jewerly
2.From a Yellow House
3.Smoothie's Place
4.Is 8 Enough?
5.Coconut Palm Designs
6.The Ranting Willow
7.Daisy Bookworm
8.Ebook Review and Download
9.Chronic Chick Talk
10.And Life Goes on for a Filipino Mom

Thank you to all of my droppers and all of my readers, I really appreciate it! Thanks!


Dori said...

I love dropping by to visit you :-)

Miss Crystal said...

You are welcome, and thank you for dropping on me and the link love!

Chronic Chick Talk said...

Thanks for the recogonition. Its nice to feel appreciated :)

Chronic Chick Talk

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