Saturday, November 1, 2008

The rain has finally come to town!! It started late on Thursday night, but by yesterday morning, it was all gone. It was rather sad because I was hoping that it would last longer and then very late last night--or rather, very early this morning, the rain came back!! Of course, it is only a light rain, but I am still happy to have it. I love raining weather because I think that it is the perfect weather for reading books or watching movies with the light off. It is also pretty good weather for hot cooco or apple cider. Of course, I have neither of those, and i doubt that I will actually walk to the store in the rain to get some...but I do have hot tea and that is just as good!

Last night, I got a whole bunch of candy from all of the RA's here. It was pretty nice. However, attached to each of the pieces of candy where these little notes. Most of them said the number to the University Police Department and the rest say little tips like, "Don't ever take a drink from a stranger". At first, I thought it was candy for being here and not at some party, but I think they were giving it to anyone who was around. I suppose the tips and the number for the UPD were for if you needed them later while you were at a party. Although....since the UPD number is like a regular phone number and pretty long, it would be much faster to call 911 in an emergency, so I don't understand why they put that on there. Unless of course, you needed the police on Halloween night and it wasn't an emergency... I have no idea.


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