Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heavenly Couture

When Wilda brought down all of my stuff, she brought me my weight scale. I was very happy of course and when I stepped on it, I realized that I have lost 12 pounds since I’ve been here!! This is of course, I’m sure, the reason why my clothes aren’t fitting me very well. I’d like to get some new jeans, but I’ll have to get Cheap Jeans because there is no way that I want to pay full price right now since I am just a poor college student. I’m actually thinking about getting some items from “Heavenly Couture” because absolutely everything on their site is $17.95 or less and right now they are having an online only denim clearance where everything is 13.80!!! Isn’t that an insanely good deal? Heavenly Couture also does a ‘daily special’ where every night a midnight, they offer one item for $9.99! They also offer free shipping on purchases over $75. The best part is that because it is all discount clothes, I’ll actually be able to get more for my money, which makes me very happy! Heavenly Couture also has an excellent selection of teen clothes including items like basics, tops, sweaters, jackets, shorts, jeans, skirts, shoes, shirts, accessories, etc! So, you are looking for clothes for you or your daughter, then check this site out!


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