Saturday, October 4, 2008

Even though last night was super insane, I did manage to finish most of Rosie's princess dress! All that I have left to do is finish sewing on the fancy braid around the collar and the middle of the dress. I am contemplating making a princess hat for it because I have extras of all the material and the braid. However, since I have never made one before, I am not so sure that I could actually do it. I think I'll try though because it would really make her whole outfit look even nicer! I don't know how hard it can be, I imagine that I might need some thick paper or something to help it stand up better. Does anyone know where I could find a pattern for this? I am going to look online but if one of you out there has made one before, I'd appreciate some suggestions! I plan on taking pictures of the dress when I am all the way done, which, hopefully will be soon! :)


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