Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good morning to all! I'm so proud of myself for making a morning post! Haha! Today is shaping up to be rather exciting. I have the trash can to clean and school to attend. I'm not sure how my life could get any more exciting than that right there. I also have a lot of homework that I need to work on and studying to do since I have quite a few tests coming up soon. That ought to be fun....not. Also, some yarn that I ordered early last week is finally going to get here. That should be nice, unfortunately though, I am kinda over the yarn thing since I think that I crocheted/knitted too much lately. I still have Tori's hat to finish, but since it is almost done, I think I can hang in that far.

I also have a dress of Rosie's--- no the princess dress, a different dress- that I need to finish sewing for her. She is getting very excited that she is going to be getting a package in the mail so I need to get on that for the poor dear. When I asked her last night what else she wanted me to send her in the mail, she replied, "Tuna, macaroni, and raisins-- and nothing else". How funny is that? Isn't that a rather odd combination and odd things to ask for? Oh well, she shall get them anyway and her mom can make her tuna mac or something. I do hope that she likes it!


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