Saturday, October 25, 2008

I don’t personally use many stock photos, but there are a lot of industries that do use them. For example, if you are a journalist, you might need to look up a stock photo for whatever you are working on. Did you know that there is a great website called where you can search and find stock photos for just about anything? I typed in a few things and I was surprised with how many results that popped up! Having a lot of possibilities no doubt helps if you are working on a story. Plus, they have stock photos that don’t even look like stock photos—or what I would think a stock photo looks like. It is amazing. Plus, right now they are having an awesome promotion at 123rf Search and Win. That’s right, just for searching for the stock photos that you normally would, you can win prizes! Right now, you could win 20 123RF credits, which have a value of $20, or you could 1 Wacom Bamboo—which has a value of $79. Both of these prizes are currently being given away daily! Also, if you sign up and refer people and they win, then you win too! Nothing could be more fun that winning a prize, so check them out!


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