Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blah, today has been a lazy day and a productive day. My head started hurting in the afternoon, so I took a break from my homework and tried to go to sleep, but it didn't really work. I mean, it worked, but I only fell asleep for like 12 minutes. I was amazed at how short I slept, but I was also amazed at how much better I felt! After that, I decided to go outside because usually when I don't feel good, I feel much better if I go outside for awhile and I did feel better! Although, since I was out there for about 2 hours, it was much longer than I meant to be gone. I had left my door-- the one from the kitchen to my room, wide open and i guess it freaked my roommate out a little bit when she came back and my room was like that-- especially because I was gone for so long. It was pretty funny. After that, I spent some more time on my homework before I went back to Tori's for dinner. She made really good popcorn chicken-- basically fried chicken, but really small pieces, and some really good mashed potatoes. Actually, I made the mashed potatoes since I got over there early and she was busy with the chicken. We were going to have broccoli with it, but we forgot to make it. It wasn't a big deal because what we had was plenty and we had plenty of leftovers! It was very good and I am excited to have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!


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