Thursday, September 18, 2008

We went!

Yes, we finally went to the store yesterday!! How exciting is that? Hehehehe, okay, it might not be as exciting for everyone else as it is for me, but it was pretty nice to be finally able to go!! We had been delaying it for long enough. Unfortunately, because our list is so long and we could only get what we could carry, we have to go back and buy the rest of it in a few days. Mainly it is because we are getting heavy things like potatoes and apples. Juice is also on sale, so I am going to get some of that. But, like I said, that is heavy stuff, we had to split it up along with the small stuff. Although, my roommate does have this awesome black shopping cart that she said we could borrow at any time. Too bad I didn't think of that last night because it would have saved us a trip to the store! Oh well, the store is just, pretty much, across the street from us, so I don't feel too bad about having to go back there, especially because I didn't spend very much at all!


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