Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Digital Scales

When I moved down here, there was a lot of stuff that I had to leave behind simply because it wouldn’t all fit in the car and since we had to switch cars a few times, they got progressively smaller and more and more of my stuff got left behind. Two things that I really miss are my scales. I had two types of scales that got left behind. First, I couldn’t take my bathroom scale, which I really miss and secondly, I couldn’t take my digital postal scale, which I also miss! Luckily, I’ve found a great new resource for scales! Scales Etc has all types of scales and at great prices too! They have digital scales, pocket scales, food scales, fish scales, bathroom scales, shipping scales, postal scales, etc! If I can’t get my scales down here soon, then I ‘m totally going to be ordering from here! Check it out!


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