Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Violin Lessons

One thing that I really regret not knowing how to do is play an instrument. I tried to learn the clarinet when I was in 5th grade, but it didn't take very well, especially because we moved a few months into the school year. I also tried to learn the piano during my first year of college, but I had to drop it because I had so many other things that I had to focus on at the same time. One instrument that I would love to learn how to play is the violin because I think it creates such beautiful music-- or at least it has the potential to when you know how to play it! If you have been thinking about getting violin lessons for yourself or your child, then you should definitely check out the Academy of Music Performance's Video Violin Lessons like I am! You learn how to play the violin from a celebrated instructor, Mrs. Seidel from the privacy of your own home! There are levels for every ability and the instructions sound so clear and easy that I don't think you could go wrong! So, now is your chance to learn a great instrument when you have time! Check it out!


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