Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I just found out that they inspected my room, so I'm super happy!! That means that I can go in there and work again without feeling all bothered and disturbed that someone might come in at any second. It is not a fun feeling!! So, I only have to repeat this whole thing when they decide to do room inspections again, which hopefully won't be until next semester! Phew! Unfortunately, I still haven't found my ID Card and Laundry Card yet, those are the other two important things that I want to find today. It really sucks if I can't find them because then I have to pay for new ones, like I mentioned before. Oh well, keep crossing your fingers people that I can find them!!!

In other news, as soon as I get back to my room, I am going to help my roommate finish her costumes for this comic convention that she is going to this weekend. Hopefully that will be some good karma for me!!! Anyhoo, I had better go because Victoria just asked me to email her all of this stuff- she is turning in poems to her advisor today to see if they can get put into the school's literary magazine! I hope that one of her submissions gets picked and I am sure that if they do then she'll blog about it and so will I!


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