Monday, September 29, 2008

Trusted Tours and Attractions

It will be winter break in about 8 weeks, so I don't think that it is too early for me to start thinking of where I want to go on vacation, if I go on vacation. I could go to someplace that I have already been, like San Francisco because I always had a good time there and growing up we went there a lot. I think that my favorite memory of visiting San Francisco was when we went camping there for my fifth birthday. I don’t think we did anything special, other than going to Chuck E. Cheese, but believe me when I tell you that I had a blast! Of course, now that I am older, I think that it would be nice to go back take some San Francisco tours and do more of the touristy stuff.

One place that I wish that I had visited but haven’t yet is New York City, unfortunately, I am not sure that I could afford it right now. If I did go there, then I know that I would want to take a tour of the Metropolitan museum of art. If I did go there, I would consider using Trusted Tours and Attractions because they offer a lot of tours for a lot of different cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, etc! For all of these cities, they have some great looking online travel guides and they also have a newsletterthat you can sign up for. I think that even if I don't get to go on some faraway vacation this upcoming break, I am going to keep this website in mind for future reference!


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