Monday, September 29, 2008

We watched "The Clock" which was a pretty good movie and then I watched "The Big Bang Theory" because the other girls went off to watch "Dark Crystal" and whatever other Jim Hensen movies that they could find. "The Big Bang Theory" was hilarious as usual. Sheldon is probably my favorite character, although most people probably just find him to be annoying. But, I think, because he is so annoyingly smart, he is sort of endearing! Now, I am contemplating what I want to do. I want to go to bed because I am sick and tired, but I am not that tired, so I sort of want to stay up and either do my homework or do something fun. I think that I lead a pretty boring life since most of the time I am either doing homework, housework, or on my blog. Although, tomorrow night, we are going to go to a mixer/pizza party for transfer students and international students. The sign said that it was specifically not for freshman, although I wonder how they are going to tell! It should be fun though! Let's hope that I feel better and can get enough homework done so that I can go and not feel guilty!


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