Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seabridge Walk in Tubs

For whatever reason, bathing in a bathtub might be more difficult now than it ever was before. I know that this is true in the case of my grandparents. My grandma simply cannot bend down to get into a tub due to a bad back. If she were able to make it in there, I doubt that she would be able to make it back up again! My grandpa can’t bath either in a regular tub because he isn’t as mobile as he once was. What they ought to look into getting is a walk in tub from Seabridge. Seabridge quite possibly has the largest range of walk in tubs and slide in bathtubs in North America. They have seven models to chose from, so whether you are looking for tubs for your residence or you need them for a commercial venture, Seabridge the place to shop!


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