Wednesday, September 3, 2008

General Updates

I got my internet fixed yesterday!! The guy who came out was very nice and it only took five minutes to fix. But, here's the kicker, apparently red lights on the internet boxes can cause the internet to be weird for the same building. Apparently, you should never ever hit the reset button because it deletes the code that they put into them and then they have to reprogram them. I told them they should put a sign up or something because how else would you know not to hit the reset button? It's common sense to me to hit the reset button when something is broken because that is what most instruction manuals tell you to do, but there you have it! Now it is fixed and it works great and I am very happy to have the internet back in my room. The computer lab/lounge here is nice enough but it just isn't the same!

In other news, I am in desperate need of some bug spray, there are so many buggies here and they are killing me! I plan on picking up some tonight at the store because I can't stand being itchy all over from stupid bugs!! I would wish that they would pick on someone else, but I can't really because everyone is getting more than their fair share of the nasty little creatures. Hopefully the bug spray will deter them from eating me anymore. Thank you very much!

The weather here is so weird! It was very pleasant this weekend because it is was in the eighties and we had a most excellent breeze. But now, it is trotting back up and remaining the nineties. Ugh, wake me up when this is over and we get back to some decent weather. Hopefully it will cool down soon and stay cooled down for quite a bit. I am not used to this heat whatsoever.

Well, I've got to get off and great the day! I hope that everyone has an excellent Wednesday! (Is it only Wednesday? The holiday on Monday for Labor Day is really messing up my sense of time)


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