Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gulf Shore Rentals

Having gone on quite a few vacations before, I can tell you that I have always had more fun when it has been in a rental house or condo rather than a hotel. There are so, so many perks to having a rental instead of a hotel. I’ll list a few of my favorite—you have a lot more people over for a party or get together in a rental than you can in a hotel, you have more room to spread out and enjoy yourself in a rental, you have more privacy in a rental because aren’t likely to have noisy neighbors, rentals are actually quite often cheaper than hotels when you consider all the extra space you get and finally, I think you can relax better in a rental house or condo because it so much more homey than a hotel room is. I’ve never been to the gulf shore but I’ve always wanted to visit because the shore it sounds so fabulous with all that white sand. I’m sure that when I do get to go, I’ll want to look into some gulf shores vacation rentals from VRBO. VRBO has some the best rental houses that I have ever seen, and since they have over 100,000 rentals total and over 500 in the gulf shore area (Orange Beach, the coast of Alabama, Ft. Morgan, etc), there would be absolutely no trouble finding the perfect sized rental to meet your needs. So if you want to plan a huge party and need to sleep 20 or if you want to have a romantic getaway, VRBO can meet your needs! Check them out and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I work for HomeAway and wanted to say thanks for recommending VRBO vacation rentals in your post regarding Gulf Shores. Because you're someone who endorses vacation rentals, I wanted to let you know about the “Why I Deserve a Getaway from HomeAway” contest in which you could win a $5,000 vacation—on us! Check out for more information. Or email with any questions.

Thanks and good luck!

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