Thursday, September 25, 2008

So, I was totally working on a really good sleeping routine the past few nights and I completely blew it tonight as it is almost 1 in the morning and I still haven't gone to bed. Instead, I have stayed up late and been busy watching TV. Right now I am watching reruns of "The Cosby" show and I am just remembering how much I love it. I haven't actually seen any episodes of this in a long time because it always comes on the most random times so I can never catch it. Of course, I should go to bed soon because I do have school and school work that I need to get done tomorrow. I also have to call the ID card office and let them know that I lost might. I was hoping that I would be able to find it, but it turns out that I can't... small sob! At least it is only $2 to replace it instead of the $5 that I thought it would be. That makes me feel better, although if I have to get it replaced again, then it will be $5 and then $10--- I have no idea what happens if you lose it a 4th time-- I'm assuming that it would just keep getting expensive. Although if you are faculty or staff, it doesn't cost you if you need a new ID card- how funny is that! Apparently, I should just work at school and then lose my ID card because it wouldn't matter. Hehehehe. Okay, anyway, I had better finish doing what I was doing and then hit the sack! Goodnight all!


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