Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I just got done with my meeting, which went pretty well. Unfortunately, as I was coming back home, I scrapped my arm pretty good on the metal fence. Boy, does it hurt and sting, although it stings more than it hurts. I've been putting a cold compress on it and that has been helping me a little bit, to make it feel better. I'm also going to take a shower soon and wash it really good. Hopefully, that will make it feel better. After that, Tori and I are so hitting the store! Although my roommate just told me that she and the other roommate are going to go tonight at like 8, so I have to see if Tori wants to wait until then. She does have her roommate meeting at 7, so she might want to, especially because I'm sure that she will want to tell me all about it! She has had so much roommate drama, that I will want to hear it! That's kind of pathetic, but I do care about her situation and I want to know if this roommate meeting is going to make things better or what.

I forgot to mention earlier, this is so completely the above topic--good thing this is call 'the many ramblings of me!', that there was a slew of ants by my vanity sink when I got up this morning at like 7 am. I have no idea what they wanted!! There is nothing, absolutely nothing over there that they would want to eat, but yet, there they were. The main thing that they were hanging around was my screwdriver-- explain that one! Ants are so stupid and disgusting. I sprayed them down with Raid, and completely cleaned the area out. I just hope that they don't come back! Although, our apartment has been having ant issues as of late. We had them attacking the microwave for no good reason the other day, along with the table and the wall. It would make more sense if we had a huge spill in the microwave, but we hadn't. It was just completely nasty and I hope that they don't come back any time soon! I've had enough of that! Yuck!


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