Monday, August 4, 2008

Words I cannot pronounce and things I used to think!

So, there are a few simple words that apparently I am always mispronouncing, mainly adding in extra sounds where they don't belong.  This doesn't exactly give me an accent, but apparently it makes me sound a little funny.

1. Yogurt-- I am always pronouncing this as yo-grit-- like grits that you would eat.  

2. Furniture-- this I always add in a c/k sound in the nit part making it nick, so it'd be fur-nick-ture.

3. Onion-- I have a very hard time not adding in a 'g' to the on at the beginning on this word.  I always say ong-ion, but it is a very faint g sound and not overly pronounced, but is definitely there.

4.  Celery-- I used to pronounce this the same way you would the word 'salary' but since I was originally corrected, I always make sure that I say cell- as in a jail cell, and Sal, as in salary when I am speaking.

Things I used to think--

1. I used to think that pacific and specific were homophones, but clearly they aren't!

2. I used to think that the expression was 'taking things for granite' rather than 'taking things for granted'.  This I blame on poor enunciation on other peoples part.  I was 15 when I learned it was granted and not granite.  Funny story how I found out, I was taking a geology test and I used the expression in my essay, 'taking something for granite'... luckily for me, my teacher thought it was a funny pun for 'taking something for granted'... it was not, but who knew that I could get extra credit for that? Hehehe

Does anyone have any similar experiences?  


kpasa said...

My husband used to say the term, "nip it in the bud" (meaning you put a stop to something before it gets to be too big of a problem)as "nip it in the butt". He also says the word "debt" (silent b) as d-e-b-t, pronouncing the b. My sisters in law say the word "tests" as "test-es", which can be really hilarious.
Your issues with having difficulty hearing the sounds correctly is due to a weakness in "phonemic awareness". (You can google that)!
:-) kp

Jen said...

I have a friend who always calls the store Gymboree "Jamboree" it's really annoying! lol

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