Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ways to Save Money



So, with the economy the way it is and my plans to move, I’ve been trying really hard to save money this summer and to think of ways that I can save money once I am at school.  I’ve been asking people how they save money, things they cut back on, etc, and some of them are pretty darn strange! Some people suggested that I Consolidate debt but since I really only have school loans that I am not yet paying on, this won’t help me.  Others suggested things like using the old baking soda in the freezer (the kind that you get to help deodorize it) for cooking, (I do not recommend this one, sounds extremely disgusting) or shopping for things at the grocery store when items are about to expire (this I would recommend because the food isn’t bad, but is greatly discounted!).   I do know that a lot of people I have talked to could have used some Debt relief.  One great site that can you find ways to save money and explain for your financial health to you is BILLS.COM, they have this great BillsIQ quiz that you can take to help explain your financial situation.  This quiz can definitely help you out if you need some Debt help. Life with finances can be pretty scary, but BILLS.com can also help you to do some Debt consolidation and it doesn’t have to be a scary thing!  Give them a look and see what you can do to improve your life situation today.


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