Sunday, August 3, 2008

Watching My Garden Grow

Now, I absolutely love to garden, but this year it seems that everything is growing very slowly!  My corn, now that is a complete and total bust, I think it was just too cold this year for the corn to grow.  Although, who knows, there might be some come November!  We have such fickle weather by the coast, okay it is not really that fickle, but it doesn't sway too much one way or the other normally, but this year, it has been usually cold.   But then again, it's been a fairly wacky weather year for lots of folks.   My zucchinis are still doing good, although they never seem to get very big.  Maybe I am just too impatient and pick them before their time.  I am trying to leave them on there longer, but after so many days of no growth, I kinda give up.   I am going to go check them in a few minutes, I hope they have gotten bigger!!

In other completely unrelated news, I am officially done with summer school! Woohoo to me! This has been a wackily busy summer and I am glad that it is drawing to an end, but not so glad, but the next up coming semester isn't going to be an easy breeze, but hopefully it will be less stressful-- I guess we will see.  At least, I can try to figure out how to change my reaction to the stress, if I can't change the stress itself.  


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