Sunday, August 10, 2008

Windows Vista

If you have ever operated a computer in your life, then no doubt you have had some experience with Microsoft, specifically Windows.  I remember when we first got our home computer and we had Windows 93, then 95, then 98, then XP.  I’ve never personally owned a computer with Windows Vista, (the latest update) on it, but I have used it a lot when I’ve used my sister’s laptop.  One of the most problematic issues that I had with Vista when I used it was that the computer would tend to freeze or take an insanely long time loading if I had too many applications running at the same time.  It would be so annoying, especially if I were trying to get school work done because I would have to stop and it let finish loading properly or I would have to hit the restart button.  Of course, I eventually learned not to overload the computer and it worked pretty well, but it was certainly frustrating!  I wish I had known then that there is actually an accessible Windows Vista customer service! They have especially good customer service for small businesses; it is called Windows Vista Small Business Assurance.  They have free phone support, leading small business applications, stronger security, and a lot of system updates- for printers, cameras, etc, that weren’t available at Vista’s original launch. This definitely sounds different than the Vista that I was using, and it would be something that I would check out if I were going to operate my own small business.

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