Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things I am going to miss

Just of list of things I will miss when I move, I'm sure that after I move, I'll think of more!

1. The Sea Breeze-- We get such a lovely ocean breeze in our yard, well the whole area I live gets it, and this is something that I will really miss after I move.  I can't describe how nice it is to go outside and feel the breeze of the ocean.  It smells oceany too, not in a yucky sense either, but in a very delightful sense.  Since Chico is inland, I won't have any ocean breezes, but I do hope that I get some breezes there, since I love the breeze!  Especially when it is hot, it makes the outside world so much more enjoyable.

2. The kids- I am going to miss the kiddies so much when I move! They are such a huge part of my life that it makes me sad just thinking about being away from them.  Luckily we can call each other and I can talk to them on my webcam, but it's not the same AT ALL.  Oh well, I will come back and visit, but that isn't the same either.

3. My family-- even though we fight with each other on occasion, what family doesn't? I am still going to miss them.  I am really going to miss my older sister and I am sure she will miss me too.  Luckily, we can also call and chat online.   I am glad that my younger sister is going with me, so hopefully I won't get too homesick.

4. My garden-I've been working on this since late March, and I will miss watering it everyday and talking to it.  There isn't going to be a garden at my apartment, but maybe I will get a grass pet or something-- although again, that is hardly the same!

There are a lot of other little things that I will miss too, but I will have to think about those later since this whole post is just depressing me.  I've got to get off and do something cheery-- well, at least do the dishes-- (these I will not miss!! Although I will still have my own personal dishes to do!)


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