Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cabin Cuddler

When I was traveling down here for school, one thing that I really wished that I had access to was a blanket. Unfortunately, because the car was so packed, I couldn’t reach anything and subsequently grew pretty cold. It would have been really nice to have had a Cabin Cuddler. A Cabin Cuddler, is this really cool blanket, you can either get it in black or cranberry, that wraps around to cover your entire body to keep you warm. It has patented pockets that will always keep your feet warm, which is such a huge plus in my opinion because my feet get cold so easily! It also has an inflatable pillow that is as easy to blow up as a balloon is, and it also has a tote that turns into a pillowcase for the pillow! Even if you weren’t traveling, a cabin cuddler would be great for lounging around the house while reading, watching TV, or studying. It would also be perfect for the office if you have officemates who like to keep the office much cooler than it ought to be! The Cabin Cuddler would also make a great gift, especially because you can get custom embroidery done! When I get one, I am definitely going to get my name on mine so nobody tries to still it!
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