Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I just can't believe that it has been so long since my last post! Where oh where has the month gone? Well, I've been really busy with summer school and being on vacation so I haven't had as much time for my poor little blog as I would like to have. Living here over the summer has certainly been interesting. Most days have been stay inside days just because it is so insanely hot outside. Like earlier today, I went out and it was around 106. My skin literally felt like it was on fire and that sad thing about that is that 106 is not the hottest that it has gotten since I've been here and it is not the hottest temperature forecasted for this week. Yikes!

Anyway, since I've been inside so much, I've been working on making my apartment into something beautiful. Now, my apartment was definitely not beautiful when I started, probably because it is old and run down, but I think that it is starting to look nice now. I've been working on making curtains for the living room and pillows for the couches. I think that simple little things like that really add something to a room. Of course, keeping things clean and neat really makes a big difference as well!

The regular semester starts in about a month, which is crazy in my opinion because the summer has gone by so quickly! I wouldn't have called it a vacation at all because I've been very busy working and going to summer school. Hopefully, even though I just started another class today, I can find some time in there to relax because going to school really is mentally exhausting!! At least I don't have to do an abundance of physical labor each day, that would not be fun and would be exhausting in a completely different way.

I hope that all of you readers have been having a nice summer. Hopefully you aren't in an area that is quite as hot as mine and if you are, I hope that you have a whole lot of fans and an air conditioner that works well!


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