Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Text Message

Sometimes I get really bored during class when the teacher stops lecturing, has lectured too long, or when we are watching a boring movie. Now, I know that I probably shouldn’t do this, but one thing that I do to keep awake is play with my phone. Normally, I will just play one of the various games that are on my phone, but I just found out about a new opportunity where I can Send text message and win! How neat is that? Basically, how it works is that you send a text message to one of the various sweepstakes that you can find on the website—check the link above—and you have the possibility to win! Some sweepstakes even allow you enter more than once, and obviously, the more you enter, the better likelihood you will have of winning the prize!

Or, if you would like to make some money a different way from the same website, just place the link or banner on your blog and whenever someone clicks on your link and then plays, you will get a 30% commission! See, you can earn money multiple ways with the website so check it out if this sounds like something that you would be interested in!


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