Monday, March 16, 2009

Had a Great Weekend

I had a pretty fun weekend, in fact, I had more fun that I thought that I would have! Some of our family from back home decided to come visit us for a few days and they were able to bring Rosie with them!! I haven't seen any of the kids since I left for school in August, so it was very nice to be able to spend some time with her. She was so excited to see me that she just ran up to me and jumped in my arms. We also got to watch a few movies yesterday. Apparently, that was one of the things that she missed doing with me the most. She picked out about ten movies and declared tht we were going to watch them all. It didn't quite work out like that, we only got through three, but she had a great time. They don't have to go back until tomorrow morning, so I am sure that we could fit in a few more movies if she really wanted to, but so far today, she has been off doing other fun things-- watching movies hasn't been one of her top priorities!

I also gave her a bath last night, apparently that was another thing that we used to do that she had been missing. I gave her all of this fancy soap that she used in the bath tub and she loved it! That girl is such a girlie girl sometimes, but I love her and I wouldn't have it any other way. But, she also knows how to have fun when she wants to have fun!

Later, she is going to be surprised with a trip to Chuck E Cheese, since there is not one up where we live and I think that she will have a super time! Even though she probably only gets to go to Chuck E Cheese a few times a year, if that, she certainly loves it!!


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