Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great American Pie Show!

I just found out about another great reason to go to Branson, Missouri this spring! It’s the first ever annual Great American Pie Contest! The Great American Pie Contest is going to be held from April 24 to 25th at the fabulous Branson Convention Center and Al Rocker will be appearing! How neat is that? Please enter if you have a fabulous pie recipe, who knows, you might just end up winning first prize, which includes $2,500 and a 4-day/3-night vacation in Branson!

Now, if you did win, you might be wondering what you could possibly find to do in Branson, Missouri. Well, I’ll tell you! Branson, Missouri is one of the great entertainment capitals of the world, with over 40 live theatres! As well, Branson has a host of outdoor activities that are bound to please even the pickiest person- with golf courses, mountains, lakes, caves, etc! If you did win, you could easily spend one day enjoying the natural beauty of Branson by going on a boat ride, then taking a nice stroll through the mountains before capping off your evening at one of the fabulous restaurants. The next day you could check out some of the great local shopping or the first ever Branson Air show, if I were going to Branson I would want to go to that! The possibilities are truly limitless!

If you don’t want to enter the Great American Pie Contest but would still like to check it out or one of the other attractions in Branson, let me tell you about the great deal that the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, right next to the Branson Convention Center, is offering now through the 22nd of March or until they are booked. The hotel has reserved a block of rooms for April 20 to the 29th at a very special rate. Please check the link for more information and if you go to Branson, don’t forget to comment and let us know all about it!



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