Sunday, February 1, 2009

Track It Back

Have you ever lost anything that was particularly important to you? I know that I have! But, today I ran across a very interesting looking website calledTrackItBack that will hopefully help everyone out there recover any items that they might lose! TrackItBack provides you with unique ID labels that you affix to your items and upload to their website. This way if the item is lost and then it is found, you will be alerted! TrackItBack works on such items like cell phones, wallets, MP3 players, passports, blackberries, laptops, and more. If you are interested, then please check out the website. Hopefully it will help you get back more of your lost items!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Courtney for providing your readers with more information about TrackItBacks services. I would like to provide you with a promo code that your readers can use to receive a 25% discount off of any products purchased from our website.
Promo code: TIBBLOG
Thank you again,

Nicole Walsh
Customer Service

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