Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Important News for Babies Due This Month!

I have some important news to share with anyone who is expecting his or her baby to be born this month! If you haven’t thought about banking the umbilical cord stem cells, then now is definitely the time to be thinking about! Let me tell you about Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank, which happens to be the world’s largest and most established cord blood bank. At Cryo-Cell Cord Blood bank, you will be able to have your child’s stem cells from their umbilical cord collected and stored for future use.

If you are not sure what a stem cell is or why it is important to collect them, then let me explain. Stem cells are cells that have the potential to become any mature cell in the human body. This means that a stem cell from your baby’s umbilical cord could become any cell that they might in the future. These sorts of stem cells are known to treat over 75 diseases! Just think of that, by banking your child’s umbilical stem cells, you are helping to ensure that they will live a long and healthy life!

Now, if you are expecting your baby this month, then there are some specials that you can take advantage of brought to you by the Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank. If you register and deliver before the end of the month, then you can save $400 on their program Protect Baby, Protect Mom and you can save $300 of their UCORD program.

For more information or to enroll now, please visit the website!



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