Monday, February 2, 2009

I am not a graphic designer, but obviously I use various graphic designs on my website and what not. I wish that I had the skill to be a graphic designer, but I am pretty sure that it is well beyond my current capabilities. I do know a few people who are graphic designers though, or dabble in graphic design and I found a great new site that I need to tell them about. If you out there, reader, are also a graphic designer or know of someone who is, then you need to read this!

There is this new online community for graphic designers called and after further review, it does really seem pretty great! Basically, all you need to do to interact on the community is sign up and upload your designs. Once your designs uploaded to the site, people can vote for your various designs and comment on them. It gets better than that though! Because from time to time, winners are announced and are given an award of $100! However, it appears that the promotion is ending on the 7th of February of this year, so you’d had better sign up fast if you want a chance to win a prize! Even if you miss the prize winning part of this website, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to social network with other graphic designers and show off your designs!


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