Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Small Business Websites

I don’t own a business, but I have thought about starting one. However, I am afraid that it would be way too much work and I am already pretty busy with school and what not, but it could be fun. I do know that my cousin really wants to start a website where she can sell her handcrafted goods like scarves, hats, doll clothes, etc, but she doesn’t really have the skills to create a website. I am going to have to share with her this new website that I found that will create a really good and affordable small business website! Prices start at $850, which if you are serious about starting a business, should help because it won’t make you go broke! Even though the prices are cheap, you won’t be skimped on service. Each website created will have a variety of features such as RSS feeds- which are great because your potential customers can be updated when your site is, a blog, simple CMS, and each site will have features that will help build it up. I’m taking about SEO principals. This is very important if you want google or other search engines to pick up so that you can get the word out about your business. Check it out!


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