Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fresh Baked Bread!

I got a major craving for fresh bread today, so I decided to make some. It is still cooking, but it should be ready in a few minutes and my stomach is more than ready for it! I decided to only make one loaf, but there was so much dough, I had to put it into two loaf pans. I think that that means that I will end up with one regular sized loaf and one small loaf. I don't really care, I'm excited to have some bread, even if I have extra! Fresh bread is just pure deliciousness- but then again, I think that so many different things are pure deliciousness! And, fresh bread is better for you anyway because it doesn't have preservatives so I am pretty excited!!


tahtimbo said...

I love to make fresh bread, which is something I need to start doing again. I love to have it fresh, with some butter...drool!

NYLady said...

Yum, yum! If I wasn't on Jenny Craig right now, I'd do the same thing. You make it sound so tempting. Love fresh baked bread!

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