Sunday, January 4, 2009


I just smashed my index finger on my left hand and it really hurts!! But, I am not sure what else I should expect because anytime you smash your finger, it is bound to be sore. I haven't smashed a finger in a long time, so this is really just an unpleasant reminder. I also haven't gotten my fingers caught in the car door for a long time, but I remember the last time it happened to one of my sisters and since it was kind of my fault, I still feel bad about it. I wasn't looking and I shut the locked door on her fingers. Unfortunately, because of the panic, it took a while to get the door back opened-- it seemed like a long time, but it probably wasn't as long as I remember, needless to say, she had to go to the doctor but none of her fingers were broken, so it was okay in the end. They were sore for awhile, much longer than my own finger will be, so the moral of my story is that I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about my one finger because I know that worse could happen!


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