Saturday, January 10, 2009

Autism Support Network

A diagnosis of autism can be a heartbreaking thing for a parent or an individual. It can also make you feel very alone and disconnected from the rest of the world. However, if you are dealing with this issue or know someone who is, you should know that autism is a fairly common problem and about 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. Even though such a statistic is heart wrenching, it should bring hope because it means that there are many other people and families dealing with this very issue. The Autism Support Network at is a group of such people, parents, those with Autism or with other similar development disorders such as Asperger’s, and professionals. The Autism Support Network is a free online group that is there to help connect you with other people dealing with the same issue. Here, you can not only gain new insights on Autism, but you can also find new therapies, strategies, treatments etc to help you or your loved one deal with having Autism. Please feel free to check out the link to learn more about the Autism Support Network whether or not you have a loved one with Autism because knowledge is power.


Nilz said...

I get to know about this disease from a movie! And Autism is something really serious. I feel for them a lot. Wish this website will enlighten the world more in this regard.

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